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What is Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Basically, it is the pancreas inablity to produce insulin to break down glucose levels. It's a chronic health condition that affects the way your body processes food for energy.

The way it's suppose to work is - when the food that you eat is digested (especially Carbohydrates), it turns into a simple sugar called glucose. The glucose enters into the blood stream and then into the cells to be used as fuel for the body..

This glucose moves into the cells by means of insulin, a hormone that the pancreas produces. whenever the Glucose level is (high or Low) the pancreas is designed to make the necessary adjustments when administering the insulin. This is Diabetes!

This process ceases to work when the pancreas is overworked by continually over loading the body with improper foods that create high glucose levels over a long period of time. This is most usually the case with type II Diabetes.

 What is Diabetes type1?

 Tyoe1 diabetes are those whose pancreas is unable to produce insulin. (see below).* 

What is Diabetes type2? It is the inability of glucose to enter into the cells. In either type, blood glucose levels can become high and can cause serious complications.

By closely watching your metabolic syndrome symptoms, you can have an impact on your potential to prevent type 2 diabetes.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

It is the beginning stages of this inability of glucose to enter into the cells. The body's cells are starting to become resistant to insulin or your pancreas may be in the beginning stages of breaking down and the insulin being produce is not enough. 

This is when the sugars are up and down with no mediation usually involved. (some people use the term  borderline dietetics). One can be in this stage for many years before being diagnosed a full diabetic. 

This is the best time to get control or reverse what's already starting to take place - It's only going to get worst! This is the time to take action! Once you recognize the symptoms, there are several things that you can do to began turning this around.

*I mentioned above that type 1 diabetes are those whose pancreas is unable to produce insulin. I need to correct a statement that I hear from time to time "the pancreas is dead" that it not true, the pancreas does other things besides produce insulin, so this means that it is not dead as some may suggest. 

What is Diabetes