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The Warning Signs of Diabetes - Stop it Now!

I know  I have written about the warning signs of diabetes before but...

...with The World Health Organization's estimates of 346 million people worldwide having diabetes - and with the increasing number of cases being diagnosed...

...everyday - as well as researchers suggesting that about 6.3 million adults who have diabetes and don’t know it.

 I think that these warning signs of Diabetes is worth talking about again.

Millions are coming to the Internet everyday looking for information Diabetes. I'm willing to bet that many are trying to find information on the warning signs to find out if they have this dreaded disease.

Well here the warning signs:

  • Frequent urination: Urinating frequently and in large amounts is a classic symptom of diabetes, as the body rushes fluids through the kidney to dilute the high levels of sugar in the urine.

  • Excessive thirst: An unusual thirst is a natural result of too frequent Urination. The body is signaling for lost fluids to be replaced. Dehydration will eventually occur if the condition is not caught early.

  • Weakness/Fatigued: Since muscle cells are not receiving their usual fuel, energy lags. Be concerned if a once active child seems tired, drowsy, or listless for no apparent reason. Some children may also complain of stomach, leg, or chest pains, or have difficulty breathing.

  •  Blurry vision: Excess glucose may seep into the eye, changing the shape of the lens. There may be difficulty in focusing or changes in eyesight from one day to the next.

  • Irritability: Especially in youngsters, crankiness, confusion or excessive crying may warn of impending illness. A child may seem to be inattentive or may not be doing as well in school as before.

  • Extreme hunger: This feeling of extreme hunger stems from the body's belief that it is starving because glucose is not reaching its cells to provide desperately needed energy.

  • Unusual weight loss: Even if a diabetic is eating more than enough and has a good appetite. The lack of insulin means that calories in the form of glucose, are being flushed out through the urine and the body is beginning to burn fat reserves.

  • Nausea and/or Vomiting - These symptoms may precede ketoacidosis, as poisonous ketone acids build up in the blood when the body resorts to burning fat deposits for energy. 

  • Tingling or Numbness in feet, toes or fingers: Or you may have a burning sensation or heightened sensitivity in these areas.

    Infections: Diabetes weakens the body's defenses against invasions of bacteria. Infections of the gums, urinary tract, or skin that takes a long time to clear up, shows that the disease may have begun interfering with the immune system.

  • Slow Healing of Cuts and Bruises: Because diabetes affects how cells use the nutrients obtained from food, the body may have difficulty repairing damaged tissue... Diabetes also thickens the blood in the vessels, slowing circulation and preventing wounds from receiving through the blood, needed nutrients and oxygen. Other symptoms include:

  • dry mouth

  • itchy skin

  • vaginal yeast infections and so on.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs of diabetes. run (don't walk), to your nearest physician's office. the sooner you begin...

...to get your diabetes condition under control, the better your chances of avoiding the potentially life threatening future complications. Some of which are:

cardiovascular Disease

chronic Kidney Disease


amputation of limbs

erectile dysfunction, etc.

The warning signs of Diabetes is something that I will continue to write about regularly. People are searching for this info and I would like to make sure it is available for those who need it.

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