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Sugar Diabetes - Back in the Day - Back in the Day!

Sugar diabetes is what they called it back in the day. And they still call it that at times. It was the first time that I heard about diabetes. I still didn't know what it meant as I was just a young kid then. (a long, long time ago).

When they explained what it was back then, it was said that it happened when a person ate too...

...many sweets, or too much sugar. I guess that's partially true. but it goes farther than that, especially when we consider the type 1 diabetic.

I guess it was called that because of the excess glucose (sugar) that was in the blood. Sometimes people would just say...

..."this or that person died of sugar", or this or that person had sugar.  

One thing for sure that was correct as I think back was...

...that the high incident of type 2 diabetes were found in people that were overweight, ate unhealthy diets (soul food), and didn't exercise much at all. 

I come from a family of diabetics and a considerable number of my family members are afflicted with this disease. 

Although the population of blacks as a whole has the highest risk for it - It isn't a selective disease, but depends upon lifestyle, as now I know people of various nationalities that are suffering with it.  

The cases of diabetes are rapidly increasing all over the globe. Affecting all nationalities. as a whole we are all feeling the pain. But what can we do about it? I have an idea!

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