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The Blood Sugar Control Protocol to help Reverse Diabetes in Type 1 and type 2 Diabetics!

Reverse Diabetes? Is this really possible? I would like to answer that with an emphatic yes!!!

Whether it’s lowering your dose of medications or totally getting off of them, it can be done. I know because I’ve done it! And thousands of others too have reversed their Diabetes.

Slow down the vicious cycle of inherited diabetes in your family.  It's totally possible.

I was listening in on a health conference call one night and a Dr. John Young, MD of 24 years was discussing how his revolutionary nutritional Reverse Diabetes protocol was achieving an 80% Success Rate in helping thousands of Diabetics significantly reduce or get off of their "meds". 

 I ordered his  protocol and in about 4-5 months, I was off of all my Diabetic ”meds”. (I was taking 3 pills and 3 shots a day for my Diabetes)”. I was also able to discontinue my blood pressure and Cholesterol medications.

 I shared Dr. John Young's protocol with friends and relatives and saw that some of them too were able to lower their blood sugars and their prescription medicines. 

Those coming off of their medicines were type 2 Diabetics who stayed with the protocol. I then decided to share this information with others by designing this website. 

As I continued my research, I came across another Dr. Young  (no relation, I don't think), Dr. Robert O. Young was his name.

 I became interested in his protocol because he was claiming that he had helped many type 1 and 2 Diabetics in reversing their Diabetes. He has over 20 years of research and have aided the healing of thousands of people, and not just Diabetics. 

Many other disease reversals include:

  • cancer

  • obesity

  • heart health

  • lack of energy
  • and all common disease entities.  

 Dr. Young continues to create and formulate his protocol based on observations of blood during live and dried blood microscopy. This clinical research spans more than 15,000 clients over more than two decades. 

 Type 1 Diabetics- The pancreas is not dead!

Of course I'm talking about Diabetes here and not pancreatitis or pancreatic Cancer where parts of the pancreas tissues may be dead. I'm talking about the typical type 1 diabetic.

 I get that comment quite a lot from type 1 Diabetics when I speak or write about reversing diabetes.  They think that because the pancreas is not producing insulin any more that -  it's dead.

The Pancreas performs another function besides producing insulin. It neutralizes the acids of digested foods that leaves the stomach.

This function prevents acids from overtaking and attacking the pancreas, cells, and other organs and blood vessels, wreaking havoc through-out our bodies. And herein lies the problem. 

When we're eating properly, this is a simple job for the pancreas to perform. The problem is that when we continue to dump acidic or acid producing foods into our bodies continually, the pancreas...

...becomes over whelmed and over worked. It then may no longer be able to neutralized all of these acids, and is usually first in line to be attacked. 

Because the pancreas is now in a acidic condition, the Beta cells in the pancreas cannot produce new cells and damage is done to the  cells already there.

 What are some of the foods that create this problem? 

  • White Trash (white bread, white sugar, white pasta, white rice, etc).

  • sodas

  • junk foods

  • Processed foods 

  • wait there's more!

  • Dairy 

  • meats

  • fruits

  • and many others 

Think about it. This is what got a most of us in this Diabetic condition in the first place (especially type 2 Diabetics), and type 1's, many of you are included here also. 

There is much proof of this!

It has been shown that when some Type 1 Diabetics stop eating acidic foods and increase the intake of more alkaline foods, many have been able to...

...come off of their insulin shots while others have been able to reduce theirs drastically.

Dr  Robert O. Young says: "There is only one disease and only one treatment. The disease is over acidification of our bodies. The treatment is bringing it back into a balanced alkaline condition".

The body fights hard to maintain it's delicate PH balance of 7.635. Once balanced, the body can begin doing what is necessary to heal itself. In our case...

...reverse diabetes. So what actions are needed to reverse Diabetes? The very first thing is to change to a more alkalizing diet. Next as much as possible reduce the acid producing foods (the more the better). 

If you cut the acidic foods out completely for approximately 3-4 months the pancreas will get a much needed rest and will heal. This will also allow time for your insulin receptors to be healed and reset. 

Your diet should consist of mainly green foods and drinks    

Vegetables are healing foods, especially the green ones. They not only heal, they are also the re-builders of new blood and cells. 

Vegetables work at their full potential in a alkaline environment. Actually they fight to keep the  alkaline balance by helping to neutralize the...

harmful acids and toxins that have taken over. Now - this is just a basic explanation on how to begin the reverse diabetes procedure. 

To get a complete understanding of the entire process of reversing Diabetes, I encourage you to read Dr. Robert O. Young's: The ph Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. 

It can be purchased on Amazon for around $10. If you are a subscriber to my educational monthly Newsletter, I will send you a copy free of charge (supplies limited)

Here is also one of Dr. Young's videos as he discusses one of his most memorable reversals of a Type 1 Diabetic case.

If you want to find out if this "Reverse Diabetes" protocol is right for you, Click Here To Read the book!

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