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Raw Food Diet Helps Cure Diabetes and Prevents Complications!

The raw food diet will get your health back on track quick-fast-and in a hurry! Now some people interpret this as eating everything right from it's natural source and I guess that's the case, but the...

... important thing is getting the vital nutrients that our bodies need  for optimum health. Foods cooked over 104 degrees destroy the enzymes that are in raw foods. These enzymes...

...when destroyed, fail to supply the vital minerals that the build proteins, and rebuild the body. Enzymes also assist in the digestion of our foods. All in all - raw foods are needed for our survival.  

These are defined in various ways. Some include raw meat in their diets. Others believe that raw consists only of fruits, vegetables and nuts, seeds, grains, etc., choices vary.

Raw foods detoxify and heal the body and puts the system back on it's natural healthy course.

Destruction of the enzymes in foods cooked above 104 degrees leaves behind toxins.

In todays diets we consume to much of the wrong foods. Sugars, fats, fast and processed foods which actually...

...tear the body down and leave us vulnarable to many diseases including diabetes. If this is something that you are not considering, at least add more of them to your diet where you will receive many healthy benefits like:

  • youthful energy

  • younger looking skin

  • disease fighting neutrients

  • rebuilding of the cells

  • overall healthy

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