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Pet Diabetes! Is There a Cure?

Pet Diabetes. Is there a cure? As in the case of humans, as of yet there is none, according to the medical establishment.

Also as in the case with humans, the symptoms and complications can be eliminated - in some cases (some are also susceptible to type 1, and in cases such as this, there may be an exception as it may involve some destruction of the pancreas). 

The pet symptoms of diabetes are the same as humans.

  • excessive urination.

  • excessive water intake

  • increased feeding

  • cataracts

  • neuropathy - which can be determined by weak legs.

Not only do dogs and cats experience diabetes, they can also be as eluded to above be either type one or type two diabetics. Pets can also have either diabetes Mellitus, insipidus, and even juvenile diabetes.

They even have testing monitors, strips, and insulin to control their blood sugars. Diabetes can affect 1 in 500 dogs and 1 in 400 cats. The problem of course is the pancreas. 

Overweight issues as well as diet, age, and lack of exercise can bring on diabetes in our pets. Of course if not brought under control death can be the results.

Now - let's talk on the issue of a diabetes cure for pets. If you've been to my website before, I sometimes ask the question, "If a person once has cancer and they were able to rid themselves of all cancer cells, would they still have cancer?"

 I ask the same thing when it comes to diabetes...

...if you eliminate the issues causing pet diabetes as well as the symptoms of the disease, will your pet still have diabetes?

I'll let you answer that question, Again as with humans, while medicines may control the disease and the complications that follow, why not get rid of it all together?

Animals are meat eaters. Their systems were not designed to consume a lot of "carbs" (kibbles and nuggets).

Well, being diabetic you know what too many carbohydrates can do to the body. when you eliminate as much carbs from your diabetic pet's  diet as possible, this will help lower the sugars in the blood tremendously.

Exercise too is important. Of course continue using any doctors prescribed medication until the problem is under control is essential. And especially remember to adjust your pets diabetes "meds" to avoid low blood sugar until brought under control.

If you preferred a natural remedy for your pet's diabetes control,

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