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The Important Role of Meal Planning in Controlling YOUR Diabetes!

Meal planning is one of the most important components when it comes to controlling your diabetes. Planning ahead helps avoid consuming the wrong foods.

I LOVE ice cream, but at one time I dared not bring it into my home. If it was there, without a doubt it was going to be eaten. 

Although I bring it home now it's only a half a pint at a time(at one time It was no problem for me to eat a half of a half a gallon in one sitting and sometimes that included cookies or cake)!

When you plan your meals ahead of time and buy only what you need you will have control over you blood sugars. Another part of the planning stage is what you eat. This is also very important 

Enter - white trash foods. 

White trash foods include:

  • white bread

  • white flour

  • white rice and especially

  • white sugar. 

These foods tend to raise blood sugars quite rapidly. This is because the fiber has been removed from them. Foods that include it's original fiber breaks down slowly in our digestion system which means that the sugars are released slowly. 

Also watch out for the  "instant stuff" these too raise the blood sugars rapidly, that's why it cooks so fast or "instantly". Fibrous foods take somewhat longer to cook. 

Also the timing of eating is are important, so purchase foods that will satisfy you for a while such as oatmeal. It is recommended for diabetics to eat four or five smaller meals a day.

This of course limits the amount of sugar that enters the blood stream while at the same time gives food time to digest in between these meals which of course also limits sugar amounts flowing into the blood.

This recommended time between meals is two hours. For more information on meal planning see diabetes diet.

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