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Avoid High Blood Sugar and It's Complications! 

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia), is a condition where an excessive amount of glucose is in the blood. And as I'm sure you are well aware - this is not a good thing. 

Not all cases means a diabetic diagnoses though. Some may be temporary cases, which may be caused by other circumstances, such as illness or for example - gestational diabetes.

It's the chronic diagnosis that we need to be concerned about.

Because if it is chronic - it's diabetes - either type 1, type 2 or pre-diabetes which in this case comes with - complications such as:

  • organ damage

  • heart attack

  • stroke

  • blindness

  • lost of limbs

  • neurological damage and more.

It's important to recognize the symptoms. By recognizing them you can get the...

...needed help right away to slow down any damage that the high blood sugar may be causing or in many cases avoid complications all together (sometimes it can be controlled by diet and exercise).

 These are the most recognizable symptoms:

  • extreme thirst

  • frequent urination (one of my first symptoms)

  • blurry vision

  • weight loss

  • itchy skin

  • erectile  dysfunction, and others.

Treatment is sometimes just a matter of changing one's life style (diet and exercise as mentioned above), in other cases oral medications or insulin is needed for control.

Some medications used for control, may do more harm than good.

 For instance, insulin has been known to be the contributing factor in strokes and heart attacks.

Another thing about medications, is that while they do control diabetes, they do not prevent the eventuality of some complications.

My suggestions as always is to reverse the cause naturally. Eliminate diabetes and you eliminate the complications brought on by this disease.