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My Diabetic Pill Encourages Healthy Eating Habits!

This diabetic pill is not a prescription drug.

It is a name that I have given to an all natural supplement called Cacao Wow! I gave it this name because of...

...it's ability to help diabetics get back on the road to healthy eating habits which of course controls healthy blood sugars (it's not only for diabetics, anyone who wants to resume healthy eating habits can benefit).

I have never known a more powerful appetite suppressant (Irvingia Gabonesis) that has helped more diabetics get control of their eating than this one. 

My "diabetic pill", or Cacao Wow is so powerful that I actually have to remind those that I give free samples to that...

...they have to remember to eat. Still they call me up and tell me "I forgot to eat"! And since you have to make yourself eat - you might as well choose something healthy.

Besides being a powerful appetite suppressant there are many other benefits of using the diabetic's pill (Cacao Wow). Some of them which are:

  • Calorie burner - "theobromine" a powerful weight loss ingredient.

  • Powerful antioxidant -  The orac value is 95,000 which is 14 times the power of red wine and 21 times the power of green tea. One of the properties is polyphenols which increases heart health. Two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke).

  • Energizes the body - Geranium Flower Extract increases energy and...

    ...also helps calm anxiety and nervousness while uplifting the mood. ( no jitters or crashing!).

  • Mood enhancer - Phenylethlamine HCL or PEA as it is sometimes referred to is reported to have a mood elevating effect similar to that associated with love. It too acts as a strong deterrent to hunger, virtually suppressing the appetite to


But hey! Don't take my word for it -  request a free sample and see for you self.

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