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The Diabetic Foot Massage - Read About the Best Way to Save Your Feet From Amputation!

The diabetic foot massage was used as therapeutic treatment by the Chinese and Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. 

Many people these days are turning to massage as a means of therapy and this includes people with diabetes.

The many benefits of a diabetic foot massage are:

  • Increased blood circulation - this of course improves oxygen and nutrients reaching the extremities. In this case the foot and the toes.
  • It stimulates the surrounding tissue - this increases the uptake of the needed nutrients.
  • Relaxes and improves muscle mobility and flexibility of the feet.

When the blood sugars are high...

...the small blood vessels under the skin of the feet narrow even more. The blood flow then slows and is unable to reach the extremeties (the feet). This may cause problems such as:
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • dry and cracked skin on the feet which may become infected.
  • sores, ulcers and cuts that won't heal and may become infected and lead to amputation.
Many diabetics lose their feet to amputation (about a million a year). Some because of neuropathy. Because there is no feeling in the feet, you can’t feel the pain of...

…cuts or sores that may be there. That’s why it so important to check your feet daily. This is an excellent opportunity to do a...

...diabetic foot massage. You will keep on top of the condition of the feet and avoid any serious complications, especially because of the increased blood flow from the massage - the feet are kept healthy.

If you’re planning on having a complete body massage, caution should be taken concerning falling blood sugars. It is known that blood sugars in diabetics may drop when receiving an overall body massage.

If you are allowing a therapists to perform the massage, it’s important to let them know that you are a diabetic. If a partner is going to do this, just make sure that you keep some glucoses tablets or a glass of orange juice close by just in case.

A diabetes foot massage does’t have to be anything elaborate. Just take a few minutes everyday on each foot and you will see the difference. Here is a short video on Youtube that illustrates a diabetic foot massage.

Another source...

...that I recommend is a book entitled "The Diabetes Massage Method". You will receive step by step instruction on massaging and bringing back life and feeling to the feet.

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