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Are You Familiar With These Diabetes Warning Signs?

Over Six Million people in the US Are Afflicted and Don't Know It! 

Don't be discouraged if after reading these Diabetes warning signs that you you discover that you have the "Big D".

Actually, finding out now is a good thing. Better now than later, as finding out later may accompany some unwanted complications, some of which may include deadly results.

Yes, sometimes what you don't know may hurt you and  could actually kill you. 

Some have been diagnosed Diabetic only after experiencing a complication such as heart attack, stroke, kidney dysfunctions, sexual dysfunction, etc. 

So if you or someone you know are experiencing some of the Diabetes Warning Signs below...

...it is imperative to following up with a physician immediately. Even if finding out it's unrelated to Diabetes - at least you know.

Here we go

  • frequent urination

  • feeling fatigued

  • excessive thirst

  • sexual dysfunction

  • blurry vision

  • irritability

  • extreme hunger

  • unusual weight loss

  • dry mouth

  • itchy skin

  • vaginal yeast infections.

The above may be related to numerous other conditions.

This may cause one to think that something else is wrong besides a Diabetic issue. That's why it's so important to get tested just to make sure.

Do you know anyone who may be complaining of any of the above? If so...

...help them to understand how important it is to check with their physician to get a sure diagnosis. 

Also please share this website with them and others, so that they too may begin the education process.

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