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These Diabetes Related Diseases Can Be Avoided By Controlling Your Blood Sugars!

Today I'll be discussing some diabetes related diseases with you. And most of them can be debilitating. This disease has knocked me off my feet quite a few times in my life.

I’ll start with America’s number one killer.
Heart Disease!

I just read a report a few days ago which stated that about 90% of the people lying in hospitals today suffering from heart problems are diabetic. This is sobering.

Heart disease includes:

  • coronary artery disease
  • heart attack 
  • heart failure
  • angina.

And also...

  • 946,000 Americans died last year from heart disease
  • 2500 Americans will die today from heart disease
  •  there is a heart attack every 20 seconds in America

If you have diabetes there is a greater risk of developing cardiovascular problems, with the most common heart condition being coronary artery disease - also called hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

It all starts when a build-up of plaque in the blood, blocks the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart, effecting blood flow. This plaque is made up of cholesterol.

Research shows that high blood insulin levels and high sugar levels also play a part

Also included in this topic of diabetes related diseases are Strokes, this involves the…

…lack of blood flow to the brain. This is pretty much the same situation as above but when the hardened plaque breaks off (which may be caused by high blood sugars), it...

closes off the affected vessel which prevents blood flow to the brain, which causes the stroke.

Of course it goes more deeper than this, but this is just an overview of the different diabetes related diseases. I encourage further research (as I always do). Just Google “diabetes and stroke“.

Moving on to more diabetes related diseases. There is high blood pressure.

Diabetics are at high risk for high blood pressure. High blood pressure (as above) can lead to the damage of the blood vessels.

It can also lead to eye disease, heart attack, stroke and kidney damage.

Coronary Artery Disease

Again, when it deals with coronary issues, this diabetes related disease is also due to high levels of cholesterol and fat which restrict or block blood flow to the heart.

Nerve disease

Nerve disease is something that all diabetics will experience sooner or later if there is no control of their blood sugars.

Nerve disease (neuropathy) can lead to amputation of the limbs. Feet, toes, fingers etc. Feet are usually the target.

When the blood sugars are high...

...the small blood vessels under the skin of the feet narrow even more. The blood flow then slows and is unable to reach the extremities.

Many diabetics lose their feet to amputation (about a million a year). See the Diabetes Massage Method.

Skin Diseases

Diabetic ulcers, and diabetic blisters are among several skin diseases that affect diabetics.

The American Diabetes Association reports that it is also possible for diabetes to allow bacterial infections, fungal infections and itching to occur more easily.

Eye Disease (retinopathy)

Retinopathy occurs when the retina is damaged due to damaged blood vessels connecting to the back of the eyes. This can result in blurred or loss of vision.

Diabetics are more likely to develop glaucoma, and cataracts than people who don't have diabetes.


Ketoacidosis is when the body is unable to get glucose into the cells to be  used as energy.

This can be caused by not enough insulin being produced or the body not utilizing the insulin that’s available. What happens then is the body begins to consume fat as it‘s energy source.

The effects of this is the  production of acids known as ketones. These ketones began to build up in the blood stream. If not corrected, this can lead to coma or death.

These are just a few diabetes related diseases. Your homework - research each of the above and send me your completed report on each. (just kidding - :~)

It would be a good idea though to understand as much about each of these diseases as possible, not just your own knowledge but to be able to share with others. Or you can just click on the "Like" below to share!

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