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Diabetes Mellitus - Insipidus - How many types are there?

Diabetes Mellitus is the group of metabolic disease that causes a increase of high blood sugars. While this includes quite a few type, the ones most often spoken about are type 1, type 2, gestational and pre-diabetes.

There are just as many symptoms. One symptom that I am pretty sure all diabetics have experienced is that of freqent urination (insipidous). The excess sugar and urine tries to occupy the same space that is...

...the bladder. The complication increases because there is so much urination going on that extreme thirst developes - which of course means there is a greater consumption of fluids -  which again creates more fluids that must go to the bladder which of course increases the peeing and so on.

Other symptoms include:

  • blurry vision

  • irritability

  • extreme hunger

  • unusual weight loss

  • increased fatigue

  • dry mouth

  • itchy skin, etc.

If not treated, there is the danger of:

  • blindness

  • kidney disease

  • amputation

  • heart disease

  • stroke, etc.

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Diabetes Mellitus