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Diabetes Management - Do it Right and Live!

Diabetes management consists mainly of 3 factors:

  • diet

  • exercising and

  • medication (if medication is part of your regimen).

Of course there's much more to it, but attention is put mostly on these three areas.

Let's start with diet.. this was a really big problem for me. I love to eat - and eat - and eat! Unfortunately, that's not a good thing when a diabetic, because when I did that, my blood sugars stayed high.

The foods you choose to eat really can help you reclaim your health. Choose satisfying fiber foods for healthy recipes. Foods with fiber help to repair damage from oxidation, inflammation, and disease. 

 I hate to admit it but my blood sugars stayed out of control.

Not only are the types of food that you eat important, but  the amounts are equally important. Overeating means high blood glucose levels. High glucose over a long period of time equals complications sooner or later.

The second factor of control is...

... medication. Medication (oral or insulin shots) helps move the sugars from the blood and into the cells where it can be used by the body for energy. If you don't take your medicines when you are suppose to...

...blood sugars can grow out of control because the sugars are not being removed from the blood. Another thing about medication is that if you don't eat enough foods or if you don't eat when scheduled -  your blood sugars can drop to low, which is called hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia can result in unconsciousness, coma and death.

Healthy Lifestyles for You
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The last thing we're going to discuss about diabetes management is exercise. Exercise does several things.  It helps curb the appetite, it uses the sugar in the body and it encourages weight loss and builds muscle.

 Of course exercise benefits the entire body. As mentioned there is much more required to managing diabetes than just the factors above, like making regular doctors visits, monitoring sugars, etc. But keeping up with the above 3 factors is key to managing your diabetes.

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