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Diabetes Link to Belly Fat! If you Have Belly Fat - You Really Need to Read This!

Understanding the diabetes Link to belly fat will not only help to bring your illness under control, but can actually save your life.

The majority of people lying in the hospital today for cardio problems are either Pre-diabetics or those with full blown diabetes and... 

...many times this diabetes is linked to a belly fat problem - let me explain.

The fat building process is a built in survival mechanism. When humans were once food foragers, there were some days that the pickings were good - and some days they were not.

On the bad days, the fats that were stored during the good days - were used on the bad days as an energy source for the body. Now...

...there are no what may be called bad days. Most of us can get food on a whim. The problem is that they're the wrong foods.

Most people over indulge on the S.A.D ( The Standard American Diet). 

white bread, white rice, white pasta

junk foods



processed foods 

fried foods,

alcohol, etc. 

All of these can produce fat. And where does most of it go?

To the belly to be stored as energy. The second problem is...

...if we aren't active (exercising) - we don't burn off the excess fats. This leads to the diabetes link to belly fat. 

As we consume our foods which then converts to glucose (sugars), that which is not used for energy is changed into a one type of fat called triglycrides, triglycerides are...

circulated thru-out the body but most though is sent to the belly to be stored as fat. The more food that we consume that is not used for... 

...energy is converted to fats, most of which is stored in the belly area. These particular fat cells become (swollen), which then may become resistant to the insulin that our bodies makes.

When glucose is continually circulating in our system, the pancreas is constantly trying to get rid of it by producing more insulin, which of course... 

...is not working because the cells are resistant to the insulin and is not allowing the absortion of the glucose. 

A viscious cycle . There is an eventual break down of the pancreas as well as a worssening of the condition of the cells.

And the rest of the story you know. Or do you? Let's see!

The diabetes link to belly fat also involves high blood insulin levels which leads to constricted arteries, which further leads to stroke or heart attack. 

Because no glucose is entering the cells for energy production, the body may perceive that it is starving and...

...the brain may give the signal to increase the intake of food to correct the situation..

The Liver also...

plays a part in the diabetes link to belly fat. The liver has many functions. One of it's jobs is to help remove debris from the circulatory system. 

When insulin levels are to high, it trys to remove this insulin and debris along with any circulating triglycerides fat cells. 

These fat cells eventually clog the liver and further complicates the diabetes link to belly fat. A clogged liver causes the increase of bad LDL cholesterol, which takes us back to increased chances of heart attack or stroke. 

Metabolic syndrome is also...

another diabetes link to belly fat because it's related to insulin resistance.

 Being overweight and carrying significant amounts of belly fat makes it difficult to metabolize sugars. Which again leads to Pre-diabetes or makes full blown diabetes difficult to control.

So here's the skinny (no pun intended).

Lose the belly fat - lose the weight.  Short circuit this diabetes link to belly fat. Now I'm not going to go through  what you need to be... 

...doing as far as diet and exercise are concerned, you already know all of that. You've been hearing it since you were diagnosed. But...

...I will take a minute to mention one more diabetes link to belly fat.

Acids and toxins. 

Have you been coming to this site for awhile? If so you  may have already  learned that fat accumulation involves more than just overeating. 

Fat also accumulates  to protect our cells and organs from toxins and acids from some of the foods we eat, like the ones mentioned above.

Yep! many foods from the "S.A.D." will be converted  to acids and toxins which may attack your organs. Foods like sugar, alcohol, fast foods, and others. 

If we continue to overload our system with these foods, the body can only fight so much before it is overwhelmed and fat laden. This leads to diseases like diabetes and others.

Get rid of the acids and toxins and the fat will follow!

Again -  the excess fats are there to protect the cells and organs. If there is no acids and toxins there to protect us from, there is no need for the excess fats.

3 ways to start getting rid of The Fat

As I mentioned above, I'm not going to go into subject of exercising as you already know.

I am going to mention diet though because a switch needs to be made-to a more healthy alkaline diet. This gets rid of the toxins and acids, which in turn releases the fats. So here are the three things;

Read the book!

1. The ph Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics written by Dr. Robert O. Young.

Reading this book will educate you on the benefits of eating a more alkaline diet.  It will also explain how...

...this diet will remove acids and toxins from the body, which in turn releases fat (belly fat included).

2. After reading the book, follow through and switch to a more alkaline diet. Once you do so, in time you will see the fat begin to melt off. 

3. If you want to lose that belly fat real fast. Here's another suggestion that's been working to remove fat.

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