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Diabetes Insipidus - When You Gotta Go - You Gotta Go!

Diabetes Insipidus (DI), is just one of several symptoms that may alert you that something is not right with your body. It's one that cannot be ignored.

It was the first symptom that I experienced before being diagnose a Diabetic. The symptoms were excessive thirst along with frequent urination. I was running to the bathroom 24/7 and drinking about a gallon of water or more a day - Literally.

 There are different causes of DI, here we are going to focus on type 1 and type 2 diabetes. These symptoms - excessive urination and extreme thirst is due to the body's inability to take glucose into the cells to be used as energy this in turn...

...causes elevated blood glucose levels. When this happens the glucose spills into the bladder which causes the urgent and frequent urination. Because of constantly running to the bathroom and eliminating fluids...

...signs of dehydration may appear since the body cannot conserve much (if any) of the water it takes in, thus the experience of excessive thirst.

Those experiencing DI, if left untreated may remain healthy for many years as long as enough water is consumed to offset the urinary losses. However, there is a the risk of dehydration as well as the loss of potassium.

Distinguishing DI from the other causes of excess urination and extreme thirst requires medical attention. If you are experiencing this, go see your doctor immediately!

The sooner you know what ts causing the problem the better. You can begin to implement control in the early stages.