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Diabetes Glucose Monitor

A Diabetes Glucose Monitor is used to test the concentration of sugars (glucose) in the blood. This is done by pricking the finger and applying the blood to a chemically treated strip.

Depending on the situation this test should be done 1-4 times a day (in some cases more). This test lets the diabetic know how...

...high or low the sugars are at that particular time, thereby allowing her/him to make any necessary adjustments - or not.

Although today's Diabetes Glucose Monitors are of the electronic type, there are...

...also those where there is a chemically treated strip which  changes color according to the concentrations of glucose in the blood.

This type is not used as much today as the electronic ones, but are still available to those who may not find the electronic models affordable.

Some electronic models are available for free through various sources for those who qualify.

Diabetes Glucose Meters have changed greatly over the years. Those who have been diabetic for some years should remember...

...how the older monitors had to be calibrated according to the strips that were used or when the fingers were the only place where testing could be done?


...there are various areas of the body where these tests can be performed, and the results from your test can be downloaded directly from your device right to your computer.

While using glucose monitors greatly benefit both type 1 and type 2 Diabetics, they benefit type 1 diabetics even more because of fluctuating sugars between tests.

The need to stay on top of this could be life saving!

 So what is the range for healthy glucose levels?

 A normal glucose blood level is between 70 and 120. Keeping sugars in this range can be difficult for a diabetic. 

There are a lot of things besides food that could throw your sugars out of whack - for instance - something as simple as a cold. That's...

...why monitoring your glucose level on a regular bases is so important. There are times when adjustments will definitely be necessary.

Here are a few resources that offer free blood glucose meters:

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