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Diabetes Foot Care! Avoid Being One of the 1,000,000 People to Lose a Foot Every Year!

Diabetes foot care is crucial! Among all the diabetics that I know, loss of a foot is one of the most feared situations.

There are 1,000,000 foot amputations each year - 80,000 in the US alone. To bring it home - every 30 seconds a foot is lost due to diabetes!

That is why diabetics should diligently...

...watch their blood glucose levels closely. High glucose levels mean poor blood flow - Poor blood flow means that...

...not enough oxygen and other nutrients aren't getting to the feet. The feet may literally die because of a lack of oxygen (gangrene).
 This should not be done haphazardly! Feet should be examined on a daily bases.

Examining the feet daily is a part of diabetes foot care. By doing this you could catch many problems early, before things get out of hand. By examining the feet regularly...

...you may find problems such as cuts, sores, or blisters. If your blood glucose levels are high this could feed the bacteria associated with the sores or cut, and cause the problem to escalate.

If you discover these problems and didn’t know that they were there until you looked, you may have a problem with nerve damage or neuropathy. Neuropathy indicates that...

you have no feelings in your feet -

which means that is why you didn't‘t have any indication of pain from the cuts or sores. This is why it is so important to check.

The same is true in cold weather. Your could experience frostbite due to very cold weather and you wouldn't know it until you examined your feet.

Taking care of your feet prevents problems.

  • Keep feet Clean using lukewarm water making sure to dry them thoroughly.
  • If you decide to moisturize your feet (and you should if you are experiencing dry and cracking skin), avoid getting lotion or moisturizer between the toes.
  • When cutting the nails, cut them in the shape of your toe. Make sure not to cut them too short (may cause ingrown toenails and cause infection).
  • Do not perform self-surgery on your toes! I had a friend who tried to remove a corn on one of his toes by using a razor blade - it cost him three toes.
  • If you ever discover sores or cuts that won’t heal, see a doctor immediately, don’t ignore it, it could cost you a foot.

Remember diabetes foot care involves more than prevention - it involves your controlling or eliminating the disease itself.

Reverse your diabetes and losing you feet won’t be an option.