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Diabetes Food? Is There Really Foods Just For Diabetics?  

To eat or not to eat ~ that is the question! 

Diabetes food is not a specific category of foods for diabetics. I am though going to categorize foods that are more suitable for those who are trying to control or reverse their disease.  For instance...

 ...is the consumption of green fed beef better for you than beef fed with grains, which also contain herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides?

I’m sure that I don’t have to answer that. Here’s another one. Would you consider potatoes a good food for diabetics?

Although potatoes are a natural food and have many health benefits, they will raise the roof off of your blood sugars. So if you are a diabetic and you love eating potatoes, moderation is the key. 

And if you are trying to reverse your diabetes with our protocol, abstinence from potatoes is encouraged for 30 - 60 days.

Yes I'm going to say that there are foods that should be categorized as diabetic foods, as well as foods that diabetics should not eat. Especially if trying to control or eliminate their diseased condition.

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables (key on vegetables)  - pesticides free, fungicide free, herbicide free.

Organic foods means the consumption of minerals. Minerals are part of the foundation of a healthy diet. There is a shortage of minerals in our diets these days. Because of the questionable...

...farming methods, much needed minerals are being depleted from the soil. And because minerals are not there for the crops ~ they’re not there for us (we are what we eat).

Focusing on fresh fruits for a moment. Fruits because of their high fiber content are excellent cleansers of the body while providing an excellent energy source. 

Diabetics who are using our reverse diabetes protocol need to avoid most fruits for at least the first 30 days on the program (this goes double for fruit juices). This will...

...allow the pancreas to rest ~ as well as to be reset along with the insulin receptors.

Apples or blueberries are fine. 

They are not very high in sugar content. And apples because of the high fiber content break down more slowly in the body, thereby releasing sugars into the system more slowly. But if...

...you can possibly avoid these also for a time (if using the protocol), it will be beneficial.

Included in my list of diabetes foods that may be eaten, although in limited amounts are meats. 

These also should be organic. Once again organic means consuming life sustaining minerals. Organic or green fed beef are full of the minerals that we need because of the healthy green foods they feed on.

Grain fed beef is higher in fats. With the  herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides that are sometimes sprayed on the crops and soil only add to this being a non-recommended diabetes food. 

I realize that organic foods can be on the expensive side, but if you do have to eat non-organic foods the following are included on my non-diabetes foods list:

 White trash! 

  • White flour products, 

  • white rice

  • white sugar and also,

  • processed cereals

  •  processed foods, including fast foods.

The problem with type 2 diabetics is not only overeating but also eating the wrong foods. With type 1 diabetics it is being aware that  in some cases undigested food  in the gut may be an issue in some cases. 

As a matter of fact it is being discovered that

most chronic illnesses involve improper nourishment.