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This Diabetes Fat Burning System Has Been Endorsed By Dr. Phil

This diabetes fat burning system is different from any program you've ever seen! It's not just for diabetics though, it's for anyone trying to lose weight. It's the perfect program.

Dr. Frank Lawlis, psychologist, best-selling author, and chair of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, has created an amazing new weight loss / fitness program called MyMobileMinute with Fitness Expert Michael Carson.

This program is almost the exact opposite of what we’ve learned about losing weight and staying fit. In fact, at first you might find it hard to believe it can work.

But it does, and Dr. Phil endorses Dr. Lawlis and calls him “the greatest psychologist alive today”.

Follow this incredibly easy to implement diabetes fat burning system, and you will find yourself in the best shape of your life. You will lose weight without investing large amounts of...

...time exercising and making “forced” changes to your eating habits. And once you’ve lost it, it will be EASY to keep it off – for those same two reasons.

What makes this diabetes fat burning system so special? Well, it takes only 90 seconds to do!

I’m completely serious when I tell you that this diabetes fat burning system has to be one of the most important advances in physical fitness and health in decades – it’s THAT GOOD.

Today, Dr. Lawlis and Michael Carson are offering you some incredible bonus gifts as a special promotion for the official launch of MyMobileMinute, which includes:

  • the Quick Start guide
  • 4 weeks of online Fitness coaching
  • 4 week of online Nutrition counseling
  • 4 week of online Weight Wellness Counseling
  • and the MyMobileMinute Accelerator Plus! add-on Module.

It’s all listed on the website below.

But wait … it gets SO MUCH BETTER.

First, understand that if it wasn’t for the internet, purchasing fitness coaching for a month, and receiving nutrition and weight wellness counseling could easily cost over $400.

Dr. Lawlis’ program doesn’t cost anywhere near that.

Click Here to learn more about it.

So here’s a little more about this incredible diabetes fat burning system. (I have NEVER seen anything like this before – and until I understood a few basic principles...

I couldn’t get my head around how this works!).

With one simple 90 second (yes, “second” – not “minute”, technique) technique done before meals, your body’s metabolism (which controls digestion, the processing of food into energy and muscle, and the

... repair and regeneration of cells, proteins, enzymes and hormones) is NATURALLY BOOSTED, which then optimizes the burning of calories and building of muscle.

This program only takes 90 seconds, it’s fun to do and it makes you feel great, and you will stay consistent.


*Losing the Weight – for GOOD this time!

*Keeping the Weight Off Easily!

*Getting the Benefits of Exercise without the Time Commitment!

*Changing the Kind of Foods you Eat Automatically!

*Eating LESS Automatically!

*Reversing Health Problems!

*Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes!

*Feeling Energized and Rejuvenated!

In creating this diabetes fat burning system, Dr. Lawlis teamed with Michael Carson – who is one of the top physical fitness trainers and consultants internationally.

He has worked with Paula Abdul, Carmen Electra, Body by Jake, and has consulted in the design of some of the most popular fitness products and programs on the market.

The concept is simple – no big changes – just small adjustments that become lasting habits.

Big changes never last because our bodies fight them! That’s why you might “be good” all day long, only to raid the refrigerator uncontrollably late at night!

Dr. Lawlis has made succeeding with weight loss a no-brainer for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight unsuccessfully.

Don’t spend another moment unhappy with how you look and feel. Time is of the essence. I highly recommend that you take a look at this program now!

Click Here to get started today.

P.S. – Remember you will need to act now to receive Dr. Lawlis’ special bonuses!

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