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Diabetes Exercise - Keep It Moving Or Else!

Here's some healthy information on diabetes exercise. It is one of the most important activities that a diabetic can do.

It’s one of the most important things for anyone to do for that matter. But for a diabetic it could be the crucial part of controlling the disease. It does several things in helping to control diabetes.

For one, it helps burns off the glucose (sugars) in the body. It also helps to build muscle which absorbs glucose (Glucose enters muscles cells easier than fat covered cells).

Exercise increases cardiovascular health, which contributes to lower blood pressure and cholesterol issues which usually accompanies diabetes

Diabetes exercising tips.

  There are quite a few exercises that a diabetic can do. But the best exercise is usually the one that you enjoy and will stick with.

Some may say that walking is better than running, but if you enjoy running more than walking then...

...that’s the exercise for you (of course running may be bad on the joints because of being a high impact exercise). But most importantly it’s the exercise that you are going to stick with that counts.


Can  gardening be considered an exercise? I would say so but, that’s just my opinion.  I know it does a body good with all the bending and stooping involved. It will definitely help keep you limber.

If you were to add some other activities that included deep breathing, it would be good.

I believe that the any activity that can be sustained for at least 20-30 minutes while breaking a light sweat.

It also would be great if it combined aerobics and muscle toning. As I mention above the more muscle you have on your body...

...the better the glucose in the body is used up. It is difficult for glucose to enter cells that has a abundance of fat on them.

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Another diabetes exercise tip is to check your blood sugars before and after exercising to avoid your sugars dropping to low (hypoglycemia).

How much exercising should you do?

Having diabetes, exercise every day would be very beneficial, but at least three to four times a week, for 20 to 45 minutes would be great. 

Oh, one other thing. Diabetes exercise done regularly will increase circulation through-out the body, decreasing the chances of hand and foot problems as well as other nerve issues.

Diabetes exercise also help with improving skin problems - once again because blood circulation is improved - nourishment now travels thru the blood and provides healing.

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All you have to lose is weight! Plus, it gives you the nutrition that you need to - get the body you want.

So try to include exercise into your daily routine as this will greatly enhance the controlling of your diabetes.

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