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Meet the Diabetes Educator! 

I am a a diabetes educator and am on a mission!

My Mission…

To make contact with  other diabetics who want to make a positive difference while touching the lives of other diabetics. If this is YOU, contact me ASAP!

My Purpose…

To eliminate diabetes from the planet. A bold statement I know, but that is my desire!

And in my quest for spiritual knowledge, I have learned that,

"All Things Are Possible"

Here is more about me.

I am a organic health food advocate - especially those foods pertaining to diabetes and weight loss. I write health articles, and am a writer/copywriter. 

I was diagnosed a diabetic about 25 years ago. After many, many years of uncontrolled diabetes I discovered a method of not only controlling the disease, but…

…actually reversing it.  I decided to share this new found knowledge with my family members who also had diabetes. Afterward I thought, “why stop here“? Why not share this information with others? Especially

…with the growing epidemic. I would love to see this growth slowed down. I’m hoping that the awareness and education from this site will help.

It will take the help of more than just myself though, IT Will Take All Of Us to help get the word out about diabetes awareness. 

Up until recently, the great majority of my knowledge came from experience and research. I am now in training to receive my certification as a wellness and diabetes coach.

I had no formal training as a diabetes educator, just personal research and the strong desire to educate others.

The reason that I mention this is to encourage all diabetics to do the same.

Don’t just except…

…everything told to you by your Doctors. Of course you want to work along with them to help get control of your illness but... must decide in the end if other choices could be more beneficial to you and yours about being a diabetic and your treatment, always...

  • ask questions
  • get second opinions
  • do research about your disease

I mean - It’s your health, So...

...find out all that you can about it so that you will know best how to combine your research, along with your Doctors advice! 

Remember - you have choices!

And the only way that you will find out what the choices are, is by doing  the research - and of course coming to my site :~)

Thank you for visiting.
Otha (Alex) Alexander (The Diabetes Educator)


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