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Diabetes Education. What You Don't Know - Could Kill You!

Diabetes education is detrimental to all diabetics. When your Dr. tells you that medication is the best thing for you to control your disease, do you right away except his diagnosis?

Do you know that insulin is one of the culprits of heart attacks and strokes  in diabetics? Do you know that medication for diabetes only prolong the complications of diabetes and do not eliminate them?

Is there a Downside risk in taking insulin? Listen to Dr. John Young a 24 year MD as he discusses insulin.  Click here to listen!

Now I am not suggesting that you ignore your your Doctor's suggestions, but I do encourage that you...

Research, Research, Research!

Begin by asking your medical adviser, exactly what the medicines that he is subscribing to you does. Ask what the side effects are, what the long range effects of this medication will accomplish. The purpose of these questions are to education yourself.

Diabetes education can save your life -- if you do the research. I too for 24 years went along with the program. Excepting every thing that I was told. As I continued on through life, more meds were being added to my regime to control my condition (some pills stopped working). 

I was also taking "Meds" for high blood pressure and Cholesterol. I was feeling bad everyday from taking these medications. 

After a while, my bad feelings turned into depression and guess what! More pills! I was a mess. My illness began to effect my marriage, my job and my relationship with others.

I was fed up with it all. I began to educate myself on my illnesses - starting with diabetes. The diabetes education that I procured saved my life. Now  I now am off ALL medications, have lost over 50 pounds and am feeling like a normal healthy person again! I said all of this to say - do your home work when it comes to...

...your health. It is your health. There is much to be found on the subject. You don't have to get all of your diabetes education off of medical sites either,

Expand your searches to see what others are doing to control or even reverse their condition (yes it can be reversed as I have eluded to above in my particular situation). You can begin by...

...visiting this site on a regular basis. I continue to add updated information as well as various topics on the subject (click on the RSS feed to receive updates. My newsletter will also provide in depth education. So please join now. 




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Once you commit to increasing you diabetes education, you will be surprised at what you find. You'll learn that there are alternatives to diabetes medications and their side effects.

I'm not totally putting off medication! Because without it for the last twenty something years, I may have been here to share this information. I just want you to know that there are choices, and please, it's important to continue to work along with you physician.

It all started with diabetes education.

That is what moved me to build this website and share what I have learned with you. Many doors have been opened because of it.

I've totally turned my life around mentally, physically and spiritually because of my new found health. I have even gone...

...organic when it comes to what I eat! I try real hard avoiding foods that contain pesticides or herbicide which effects the body negatively, I even have some of them shipped from the farm, right to my door. 

And by the way...

...stay tuned for a page concerning organic foods and how it may effect your health as a diabetic. And so...

...do your home work! And I would like to repeat: always work along with your Doctor on whatever choices you make.

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