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Oct 14, 2013

Type 2 Diabetes Medications that Increase Your Risk of Death?

A recent study from the University Group Diabetes Program (UDGP) reports that a drug often combined with Metformin (also known as Glucophage) actually increases a person with type 2 diabetes’ risk of death.

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Sep 21, 2013

While This Has Nothing to Do With Diabetes, I think This Is Very Important to Share - "Digital Dementia"

Children’s Health Expert Panel: Cell Phones & Wi-Fi―Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?

“It may take some sort of catastrophe to get people’s attention,” said Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada and...

...founder of Canadians 4 Safe Technology, referring to the increasing saturation of Wi-Fi technologies on the public at large, and especially, children.

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Sep 08, 2013

Understanding Blood Sugar: - "...insulin is the worst thing for a Type II diabetic!"

"Taking charge... "...is taking charge of your future. Don’t leave it up to your doctor because you’re the one who has to live with it.

And managing it is a constant battle, especially today considering the barrage of “health foods” doped up with sugars and artificial flavors and lacking in healthy fats and proteins.

No doubt, “healthy eating” is killing us, slowly.

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Sep 07, 2013

"Type 2 Diabetes: Virtually 100% Curable"

There is a staggering amount of misinformation on diabetes, a growing epidemic that afflicts more than 26 million in the United States today.

The sad truth is this: it could be your very OWN physician perpetuating this misinformation.

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Sep 01, 2013

I'm so tired of always being pitched!

When people find out that I have this website, and that I have had it for years, I am always being pitched on...

...the next latest/greatest money making opportunity and how I should put it on my site. I am now becoming fed up with...

...it. Even my so-called friends who I continually have told NO to, are not getting the picture.

I ran into an associate who I hadn't heard from in a while, and I made the mistake of asking him "What you been up to?", While it wasn't actually a pitch he responded, "I have been selling stuff on Ebay!" So I asked, putting my foot further into my mouth, "How's that working for you?". He responded that it was the easiest way to make money that he has ever experienced since he's been working online.

He went on to say that what he really liked - besides making the money, was the fact that he didn't have to own or store any products

Then came the challenge. He said to me "You should try it," and "If you don't make a $100 dollars this week doing this, I will pay double that amount OUT OF MY OWN POCKET".

To make a long story short, in about 48 hours after watching this first training video I sold exactly $94.00 worth of product on Ebay.

Before the week was out I sold over $400 dollars worth of products, I was convinced that there was actually a way to earn some cash on-line without...

...all the gimmicks like recruiting and sponsoring people and so forth. Anyway here's that video that he shared with me, IF you need or are interested in earning some extra cash.

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Sep 01, 2013

Erectile Dysfunction with Diabetes - Part 1

One of the most neglected areas in diabetes education is the topic of men's sexual health.

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Aug 31, 2013

How Statins Really Work Explains Why They Don't Really Work.

The statin industry has enjoyed a thirty year run of steadily increasing profits, as they find ever more ways to justify expanding the definition of the segment of the population that qualify for statin therapy.

I predict that the statin drug run is about to end, and it will be a hard landing.

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Aug 21, 2013

Why Women Should Stop Their Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

If you are a post-menopausal woman with high cholesterol, your doctor will almost certainly recommend cholesterol-lowering medication or statins. And it...

...just might kill you. A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that statins increase the risk of getting diabetes by 71 percent in post-menopausal women.

Since diabetes is a major cause of heart disease, this study calls into question...

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Aug 21, 2013

Report Finds “Probably Carcinogenic” Chemicals in All Municipal Water Samples Tested

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has once again released a report that should grab your attention. After analyzing water samples from 201 municipal water systems from 43 states, EWG found...

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Aug 16, 2013

Saturated fats cause heart disease and the earth is flat

If you think flat Earthism is gone, you´re wrong. Some people still believe the earth is flat. The Flat Earth Society even has it own website.

Most public health authorities still recommend that total fat consumption does not exceed 30 percent of total calories and that saturated fats be no greater than...

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