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Diabetes and Obesity! How To Get the Fat to Go Away - Fast!

Diabetes and Obesity go hand in hand. As the big "D" epidemic has continued to grow dramatically over the years - so has obesity. It has been reported that 80% of all type 2 Diabetics are obese!

The National Institute of Health says that more that 65% of American adults are overweight or obese. So it makes sense as has been advised to watch our diets. Doing so will get some control of the Diabetes.

The two main causes of Obesity is

  1.  A diet high in fat and

  2. The lack of exercise.

If a person is diabetic and also obese/overweight, the body's cells become resistant to insulin. There have been studies that show that a hormone related to fat cells may be the culprit.

When insulin is presented into the body, fat cells at the same time release a hormone called resistin. This hormone tells the bodies tissues to resist the insulin. 

It's guessed to be some kind of mechanism in the body that occurs in a situation such as famine where the body may be starving.

Of course an overweight or obese person is not starving (except nutritionally), so the hormone at this point is unneeded. 

Being obese or fat may actually be saving your life - to some extent.

Diabetes and obesity is more connected than you think. If you are a type 2 diabetic, more than likely it was brought on by being overweight (remember the 80%).

If you are overweight, it is usually because of what and how you eat. Much of what is eaten in today's diet are acid producing foods.

  • sugars

  • coffee

  • meats

  • junk foods

  • sodas, etc.

To protect our organs and vessels, the body accumulates and stores fat to absorb these acids and toxins (acidosis), in our systems. If it wasn't for this...

...our body's organs, vessels and blood cells would be damaged at a much faster rate by these acids.

So - get rid of the acids and toxins - and the fats begin to  melt away.

A good example of how acids can damage the organs is by taking a look at the pancreas. Many blame the pancreas for the Diabetic's situation.

Besides despensing insulin, another job of the pancreas is to neutralize the acids coming out of the stomach after food is digested.

But when acid producing foods are constantly being dumped into our body, the pancreas becomes overwhelmed and can no longer handle the load and effective neutralizing breaks down.

When the unneutralized acids enter into the pancreas further damage is done. Insulin producing cells (beta cells) cannot function properly in this acid laden environment.

This is also true of the insulin receptors, as well as all other cells and organs of the body. Can you now understand the...

...Diabetes and Obesity connection? And this condition brings on many other complications besides Diabetes, cancer being one.

Dr. Robert O. Young, Author of: The ph Miracle For Diabetes, says that there is only one disease, over acidity of the body. There is only one cure and that is bringing the body back to it's...

...ph balance. We do this by avoiding acidic foods and consuming a more alkaline diet. The body's ph should be 7.365 - slightly more alkaline than acidic.

How important is this?

I'll answer that by asking another question. How important is it for our body temperature to remain at 98.6° F. If it goes higher or lower than this it...

...gets our attention, right? We should give this same attention to this also body regulated Ph balance. The body fights hard to keep this balance and we should also.

Alkaline foods include:  Most vegetables (especially green) and grasses (Barley and wheat) or their juices.

Diabetes and obesity is a very serious condition and can be a deadly combination. I highly recommend the reading of the afore mentioned book of Robert O Young...

...The ph Miracle For Diabetes to learn more. You can get it free if you click here.

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