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Diabetes and Ganoderma - Is This The Cure That We Have Been Waiting For?

Diabetes and Ganoderma? I wrote some about this subject on my... 

..."Coffee For Diabetics" page (Ganoderma can be infused into coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. - want some samples?).

I wanted to go a little bit more into the benefits of using this "Wonder Herb" for diabetes. But first let me say...

...there is no cure for Diabetes according to the science and medical authorities. So I can't make claims.

But I can comment on the research that I have done on  diabetes and Ganoderma and...

...it should be considered. As you learn more about diabetes and Ganoderma, you'll understand my sharing.

So let's talk...

Let's discuss what Ganoderma is. Ganoderma Lucidium, is the scientific name for the red Reishi mushroom.

It has been used in China for over 4,000 years as a medicinal herb. The Emperors of China called it the "King of Herbs", "The Spirit Medicine" and...

...was considered "The elixir of immortality". Was considered more valuable than gold.

In certain Asian rain forests you will find this powerful mushroom which is claimed to have excellent healing properties.

Polysaccharides, just one of the valuable properties found in Ganoderma, boosts the immune system. 

Another claim is that the properties in Ganoderma kills cancer cells and even supports Chemotherapy. Other benefits include:

  • helps control high blood pressure

  • softens the arteries

  • neutralizes toxins in the body

  • is anti-viral

  • increases energy levels

  • promotes sound sleep

  • reduces free radicals

  • reactivate pancreas activity

  • helps with stress relief

  • Helps keep the body Alkaline, (big benefit)!

Another claim is that diabetics can have positive...

...effects using Ganoderma Lucidium. Here is more research that I have found.

Diabetes and Ganoderma

We know that the kidneys may be effected by having diabetes over the long term. 

One benefit of Ganoderma on diabetes is that it may actually help heal the kidneys. A difficult cure to be sure.

Once the kidneys become overloaded with debris from high sugars, cholesterol, and other toxins, blood cannot penetrate the capillaries of...

...the kidneys, which can cause kidney problems.

A professor Fumio Tsurudani, of Nagoya University medical Institute in Japan, performed an experiment with patients suffering from renal disease to...

...check the effectiveness of Ganoderma. 

It was found that it could lower protein, lower blood pressure and maintain renal (kidney) function.

Another way Ganoderma can be beneficial for diabetes is it's insulin like effect. We know that insufficient insulin secretion is one of the main problems in diabetes.

While insulin does help, there may be many side effects. One such effect is speeding up the aging of the pancreas.

It also doesn't help the pancreas recover pancreatin    functions.

While there may be some side effects using Ganoderma, they don't compare to the side effects of using diabetes drugs. (always check with your physician when changing any diet).

Most side effects will diminish with continued use. Give it a try! Trying some free coffee samples will give you an indication of whether it will benefit you.

*  The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The above product and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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