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Diabetes and Acidosis. The First Step In Diabetes Control!

This subject on Diabetes acidosis is is not to be confused with ketoacidoses which can have deadly consequences because of the body feeding on itself.

Because the body can’t get the needed fuel from the sugars (glucose) broken down from the food that we eat,  it begins to consume on the body’s fat.

Diabetes and Acidosis

This leaves a by products called keotones which is a poisonous acid that can cause major complications in diabetics.

This diabetes and acidosis spoken of here is caused by what we put into our mouths. And in many cases is the cause of diabetes. 

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is the primary cause of acidosis.

Most of the foods taken into the body is in some way related to acid production (and this includes some fruits).

It’s OK to have some acids in our bodies, the problem is when there is too much of it. For instance...

...we produce acids in our mouths when we start  chewing, this the part of the Pre-digestion process.

Then there are acids in the gut.

This process breaks down the foods further into needed  fuel for our bodies. 

When the digested foods leave our stomachs, it enters into the pancreas where the acids that were used... 

...for the digestion of food in the stomach, are now neutralized (this is another function that the pancreas does besides producing and releasing insulin).

But of course being human sometimes, we become unbalanced.

One example of this is how we have become a nation of fat people! We overeat - we overeat many of the wrong things, which is what causes the acids.

Diabetes and Acidosis

This is what causes many of our illnesses. The pancreas which has the duty of neutralizing the acids that leave... 

...the stomach, becomes so over worked and cannot perform it’s duty effectively.

Because it cannot do it's job effectively, some of the acids get through and pass into our blood and starts to wreak havoc on our organs and cells.

Why do you think that the pancreas quits reproducing... 

...beta cells which are insulin producing cells? Or what about the cells that take in insulin? These can be affected by acids as well.

And check this out - you will be surprised when I tell you that...

...one reason that fat builds up in our bodies is to protect our organs and cells from the attack of acids. The acids... 

...are neatly tucked away in the fat cells for our own protection. Of course...

...the constant accumulation of fats (particularly around the belly), creates many other problems.

Diabetes and Acidosis

So, get rid of the acids and you get rid of a large portion of the fat, which also means you get rid of many other problems associated with being overweight.

So which foods produces acids? Here's a small list:

  • fast foods

  • meats

  • sugars

  • soda

  • coffee

  • mustard

  • ketchup

  • relish, etc.

When you add those acid producing foods to refined foods like white bread, white rice, sugar, white pasta, white flour, etc. It’s no wonder we are a sick nation.

Diabetes and Acidosis


…as I mentioned above, is also acid producing. I am not suggesting you to stop eating fruit.

What I am saying is that it’s all about balance (more on that in a second).

SIDEBAR~When you are working on "reversing" your diabetes, I would suggest that you abstain from fruit a short while to limit the acids and sugars being introduced into your system. 

We want to encourage the re-growth of cells while allowing the pancreas to rest and heal. If you just have to have them, limit them to apples, blueberries,  lemons and grapefruit (lemons and grapefruits actually are alkaline and low in sugar).~ END SIDEBAR.

Alkaline vs. Acidity

I'm sure you have been hearing a lot about the benefits of having an alkaline system (the opposite of acidic) lately. And the fact is what you are hearing is probably accurate for the most part.

It's all about balance as I mentioned above. ph balance to be exact. learn more about acidoses and ph balance, here.  

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