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Cinnamon for Diabetes is shown to Lower Glucose Levels! 

Although small, there have been studies that shows that cinnamon for diabetes have been positive. 

One such study on cinnamon for diabetes can be found in the "Journal Diabetes Care".  In 2003 sixty people were given cinnamon. After 40 days their fasting glucose levels were reduced some 18 to 29%. There also was a reduction in their Cholesterol levels. 

Another study suggests that post-meal glucose levels were reduced when using cinnamon. ("The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition"). So cinnamon for diabetes is a good thing.

What is Cinnamon?   

Cinnamon is a spice which has been used for ages in cooking as well as for health benefits. It comes from a tree which grows in several areas of the world, India, Viet Nam, and Sri Lanka  are just a few.

There are several types of cinnamon, but Cassia is the one that most people are familiar with as it is usually the one found in our grocery stores as a cooking spice and is also the least expensive. 

While this page focuces on cinnamon for diabetes, there and other health issues that cinnamon are used for::

  •  colds

  • nausea

  •  increased energy 

  • lowering LDL cholesterol

  • anti-clotting effect on the blood

  • relief in arthritis pain

  • for use as an antibiotics

  • for circulation, etc.

Cinnamon has also been shown to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and have been shown to be effective against yeast and urinary tract infections.   Click here to learn more about uti cures

One active ingredient in cinnamon is Coumarin which is also found in celery and parsley. Coumarin has a blood thinning affect, so caution should be taken if using blood thinning medications. if this is the case with you, Cinnamon supplements should be avoided altogether.  

Another reason that cinnamon for diabetes is effective is that an active flavonoid called "Methylhdroxychalcone Polymer" or simply "MHCP"is also found, this flavonoid imitates an insulin effect. There are cinnamon supplements available, and has been suggested that...

...supplementing these or whole cinnamon would make it possible to regulate blood sugar while using less insulin. This includes some type 1 diabetics. 

Care should also be taken when using cinnamon in high doses, as this could cause damage to the liver. The average dose suggested is 1/4 to 1 teaspoon. 

Cinnamon can be added to the diet as a spice in cooking (I love it in Oatmeal, l also add it to my protein shake that I drink daily), or as a tea. and as always...

...it is very important to let your Physician know what you are doing. Another thing to remember is to monitor your blood sugars carefully if you decide to use cinnamon and are taking medication for diabetes, 


 Please, please, please, do not stop taking or change your medications without your Doctors approval.

Vitamin Power is an excellent source for Cinnamon Supplements, click here for more information.

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