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How Keeping Track of Your Blood Glucose Level Can Save Your Life!

Blood glucose level refers to the amount of (sugar) in the blood at any given time. It is very important for those who are diabetics to monitor this at all times.

Glucose is our body's energy source. It is transferred throughout our system by means of the blood cells. Under normal conditions the body keeps this in check. It does this by...

...delivering insulin from the pancreas when glucose is present in our bodies. The insulin activates the cells by means of insulin receptors to absorb the sugars present and distributes it thru-out the  body. What's not used is stored as fat until needed. 

But sometimes things go awry. Sometimes the pancreas doesn't send out enough insulin or any at all. This may be caused by damage that has occurred to the pancreas, an infection may have damaged the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, etc. 

Or it could be that the cells that are suppose to absorb the insulin are resistant, or even the insulin receptors themselves may be out of wack. 

There are several situations that could go wrong that would cause the blood glucose levels to rise. Of course when this happens consistently - complications may arise. 

This is mostly done with medications. Type 1 diabetics have to inject insulin daily to move the glucose out of the system. Type 2 diabetics may have to use a combination of insulin and pills to control theirs.

It use to amaze me when people who were diabetics would say "I don t take my readings at all", but I recall many years ago saying the same thing.

 At that time it was all about the "party". "You only live once", I would say but...

...as I begin to experience some of the complications, such as the tingling and the numbness of my feet and the blurry vision, I begin to have... 

...a change of heart. My blood glucose levels had become so bad, that my doctor told me that I had been put on the list of having one of the worst controlled blood glucose levels in the... 

...Veteran Administration's hospital system. I don't know if he was trying to scare me straight or what, but I know at the time my a1c readings were in the elevens and twelves.  Whether he was being truthful or not it worked.

I started taking things more seriously, I was older now and had been suffering with diabetes for many years. I eventually started using Dr. John Young's protocol that I mention quite frequently here on...

...the site. I really had to start watching my glucose levels then because my numbers were dropping sharply so I had to make sure that I kept a close watch on my glucose levels. 

So whether your glucose levels are high, normal or low it is important to check on a regular basis, this way you will know for sure and act accordingly.

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