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Atherosclerosis Can Mean a Death Stroke! (pun intended)


is a vascular disease where the artery walls thicken due to build up of fatty materials in the blood vessels. This is sometimes referred to as hardening of the arteries and is caused by multiple levels of plaque building in the arteries.

This does not just occur around the heart area but also in the arteries to the brain, intestines, kidneys, legs, etc. - and can cause sudden death.

Diabetes speeds up the disease because...

...excess glucose interferes with lipid and related (fats/cholesterol) "substances" metabolism, with an increased deposit of fat in blood vessels.

Researchers have found that in addition to lowering blood sugar levels, diet and exercise programs reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress that leads to it.

The dangers are that...

...the plaque build up can cause a decrease in blood flow resulting in high blood pressure as well as decreased blood flow to the extremities sometimes resulting in nerve damage and amputation.

There is also the very strong chance of the plaque fragmenting and causing "embolic disease" or damaged vessel walls which can lead to aneurysm/stroke, or heart attack.