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Acids Cause Diabetes? I Thought It Was All About The Pancreas? Read On To Find Out!

Acids cause diabetes? Really?  It has been said that there are about 150 known diseases that cannot survive in a body that is alkaline (the opposite of acidic). And diabetes is one of them.

“I thought that diabetes had something to do with a dysfunction of the pancreas!” Well yes, but it goes deeper than that. The question is - what causes it to go bad in the first place?

Let’s talk about these invaders in our bodies, then we’ll discuss how to get rid of these invaders.

Wait! Why do I call these culprits invaders when…

…we are actually inviting them in by - what we eat and drink!

That’s the problem! What we eat is attributed to what has come to be known as “S.A.D.“ (the Standard American Diet.), or widely called junk food!

Look at what we eat and drink.

  • fast foods
  • fried foods
  • coffee
  • drink alcohol
  • sweets
  • meats, etc.

All of these contribute to acids. Can you understand why this is an epidemic?

If you want to rid your body of them, start by eating the proper foods. Foods that are not acid producing.

This may seem difficult at first with all of the garbage that is put before us. But it is not.

The more you understand how, you will know how eating properly will cause them to be eradicated and force them to leave the premises.

How does toxins, viruses and acids cause diabetes?  How do they effect our system? They...

...attack the cells and organs, and this includes the pancreas! When the pancreas is attacked by acids they effect the insulin producing cells called the Beta cells. Because there is little or no insulin, There is…

...a build up of glucose in the blood stream - or raised sugars. Of course the pancreas if it hasn’t shut down yet is trying it’s best to...

...balance the situation by neutralizing these acids when they leave the stomach and by producing more insulin which is...

...doing little to no good. Eventually the pancreas shuts down due to being overworked. 

This is especially the case when it comes to type 2 diabetics. When it comes to type 1 diabetics, a lot of times it has to do with virus activity which causes harm to the pancreas.

But here too, it's sometimes what we eat that plays a large part on what's happening.

Type 1 diabetes MAY be caused by not having a strong immune system in the first place! This…

Click here to continue reading about how acids cause diabetes and how to get rid of them.

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Acids Cause Diabetes

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