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Diabetes Cure Newsletter , Issue #001 --Whaarrss The Cure?!
April 07, 2013


1. Whaaarrrs the cure!

2. How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

3. Obesity - The Other Epidemic!

Whaaarrrs the cure!

As I began to write this newsletter on the subject “Where‘s The Cure For Diabetes“. I thought about the old Wendy’s commercial where the main character Clara Peller would visit every fast food restaurant in her neighborhood looking for the perfect beef patty. As she pulled up to the drive-thru window she would yell out “Whaarrss The BEEF!!

Clara Peller's Wendy's Video

Well anyway. We too are like Clara, while not searching for any perfect beef patty, are looking OR at least waiting for the cure for diabetes. Well I am happy to report that our scientists are working hard at trying to find one.

I have been immersing myself into the “white noise” of the Internet to find out just what’s been going on in this regard.

From stem cell research to experimenting on mice, A lot has been going on.

Below are a few video’s that show some of the promising results. May these boost your hope and patience. A Global Effort To Find A Diabetes Cure involves sharing ideas, results, and moving faster and closer to a cure.

The Diabetes Research Institution based in Florida have teamed up with researchers in Sweden, Argentina, China and more, a total of 20 countries and growing all over the world.

A Global Effort To Find A Diabetes Cure

Weight loss surgery may lead to to cure of Type 2 diabetes

Possible Type 1 cure

Another Promising Procedure

Again- this is just a very small amount of information that I found. The point is that, there is activity going on in the search for the cure for diabetes. If you have found something of interest in this area, please feel free to contact me and share.

How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

Someone shared a post on Facebook recently. The question was, “does stress raise your blood sugar levels?". While some people answered that, stress does not affect their blood sugars. Many more answered yes.

I’m here to share with you what I have researched as well as my personal experience on this matter.

What I have found out is that stress can elevate blood sugars in some. Depending on the stress causing situation, your sugars can be elevated for lengthy periods of time which can cause serious issues.

For instance...

If you've lost a job and have been unemployed for some time, and have been non-stop worrying thru-out this crisis, your body is releasing a constant flow of adrenaline into your blood stream.

Now under normal circumstances adrenaline release is preparing your body for the "flight or fight" response.

During a actual "flight or fight" situation, excess sugars are used up when fighting or fleeing a situation. Afterwards the body's system returns to normal.

Because situations such as depression and worry are not a "fight or flight" situation, the adrenaline that is released into the blood stream does not get used and just...

...circulates in the blood increasing cortisol levels, which increases belly fat which increases insulin resistance and ones chances of heart disease.

When first diagnosed with diabetes some 25 years ago, the doctors were perplexed.

You see back then, a person seldom showed signs of diabetes when under the age of 40. I was in my mid-thirties and I wasn't overweight.

The doctor explained this to me and included with the statement: "the only conclusion that I can come to is that you must be under a lot of stress". And he...

...was right, I had a business that I was working pretty much 24/7. I was exhausted! The effect was...

...extreme stress which attributed to my diabetes! Yes! Diabetes and stress is not a good combination.

When you have Diabetes and stress, not only do you not right (too little or too much), you also don't have the desire to do anything (including exercise).

Because you know that things need to get done - it makes you even more stressed and depressed. it's an unending cycle.

How do you combat physical stress?

To reduce physical stress, try to stay as healthy as possible by eating, exercising and not allowing yourself to become OVERLY STRESSED! - I know it's easier said than done, but practice makes perfect. Exercising will burn off those...

...stress producing sugars and extra calories. Not only will this help control your diabetes, but exercising also helps to relax the mind and body.

You can help control mental stress with:

*Deep breathing exercises *relaxation therapy *meditation

and here's a very good one - replacing bad thoughts with good ones.

While all of the above can be very effective, I would say that the last one is an important key to making all of the others more effective.

You would be surprised at how your thoughts can affect your life and cause stress. Try and recall some of the things that has in the past, depressed or stressed you (this may be something you are doing excessively already).

They have always been things that you sit around and think negatively about - usually more than necessary. The more we focus on our problems, the more depressed and stressful we become.

When we do this, our lives are negatively affected. So if you really want to relieve stress and change your life...

Change your thoughts!

It's not easy believe me. But once you learn to control your thought habits, not only will your stress be less, but your life will improve, maybe even your diabetes.

When we have created a habit which we have been practicing for years, (especially negative thinking) it's hard to break. But we have to start some where.

Start today, refuse to think about things that you know stress you out or cause you to be depressed.

Change your thoughts! Especially if it's something that you can't do anything about. If the thought for instance is "Whoa is me", I've lost my job and don't know if I'll ever find another one in this economy" Change your thoughts to...

..."I am so happy and grateful to wake up to another day to see my family's face. Today brings me closer to the job that I've always wanted, one that provides all my family's needs.

This is a more pleasant and positive thought. And if you say this as if you really believe it watch how your situation changes, including your stress. Of course this is just an example.

Your positive thoughts should reflect your personal issues. The subconscious mind stores all of our past and present life happenings - good or bad.

We have to train our subconscious to think only good, peaceful, positive thoughts. At least most of the time. It really works if you apply it.

There is a saying, "Thoughts are Things". That is what you think about, comes about. This has been proven in my own life again and again.

PS. Have You Ever Heard Of The Tapping Technique?

Now, let's talk about our last Article on this months newsletter. One that surely can cause stress...


Obesity - The Other Epidemic!

Why do I want to discuss this topic? For 3 reasons.

1. Like diabetes, obesity has become an epidemic. 2. Obesity can lead to insulin resistance. 3. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes, good enough reasons?

As just mentioned in number one - obesity has reached epidemic proportions all over the world

A post in the World Watch Institute said; “For the first time in human history, the number of overweight people rivals the number of underweight people”…

…“While the world’s underfed population has declined slightly since 1980 to 1.1 billion, the number of overweight people has surged to 1.1 billion people”. This article was written years ago.

Of March 2013 the world health Organization reports these key facts:

*Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980.

*In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight. Of these over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese.

*35% of adults aged 20 and over were overweight in 2008, and 11% were obese.

*65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.

*More than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight in 2011.

Can you now understand why diabetes is also an epidemic? So

If you are a diabetic, or in the pre-diabetic stage (type II), you can help bring your diabetes under control by bringing your weight down by making better healthy eating choices and exercise. Even the smallest amount of weight loss will benefit.

Now I know what some are saying. “I don’t like to exercise! Or. I don’t have time to exercise.

Well, it's up to you! You have to decide what’s important to yourself and YOUR LOVE ONES. But if it’s really that serious - I do have a recommendation. I’m sure you’ve seen it on the website. It’s called the 90 second workout.

Now, c’mon! Tell me that you don’t have 90 seconds a couple of times a day to drop some weight and improve your life. I think so! Anyway, you can click below to at least check it out!

PS. It's endorsed by Dr. Phil.

The 90 Second Workout - Endorsed By Dr. Phil.

Now if you are of the male persuasion and do have time to workout. Here's program that's really cool! If you want that Adonis look, I recommend this sexy program. out).

The Adonis Affect!

If you are having a problem with obesity, click below to request information about North America's #1 weight loss platform.

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Well, All Good Things Must Come To an End...

...and so must this Newsletter. I really hope that you enjoyed the information and also hope that you were able to take away someting useful to use and share with others.

Before you go, please join me on Facebook. This is just another way to keep connected as well as meet other diabetics who visit the site. Like my page at:

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Again, thanks for reading. Until next time

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